I always look forward to my appointments with Jamie!
Jamie is the best! I have been to many other massage therapists and in my opinion, Jamie is unmatched. She uses a wide range of knowledge in different techniques and practices to get your body feeling back to normal. Jamie does a great job of combining overall health and wellness while still maintaining the relaxing experience we all desire during a massage. I have been seeing her routinely for a while now and would recommend her to anyone!

Meghan S

My right hip aches all the time. When I walked into Jamie’s studio I hurt like crazy. She interviewed me, got my background and went to work. Oh my goodness, when I left my body felt amazing. I have suffered since the late 70’s with this pain, from a surgery, and it was relieved by the work Jamie did. One visit is not the complete fix, it did open channels in my body for the healing to begin. Looking forward to my next visit!


I always feel like a million bucks when I leave. She always finds all the sore spots I didn’t even know I had!

Heather B

Best message therapist
You know you had a good message when your whole body melts into the table. Excellence and professionalism at its finest!

Laura L

Great deep tissue relief
Jamie provides excellent deep tissue massages. Each time is specific to my needs. Would definitely recommend, very experienced.

Michelle B

Great Massage Session!
Enjoyed the massage a lot! As an experienced customer and having been to other places, Jamie does a great job! I’ll be back again in the future.

Gary G

Excellent deep tissue massage specialist!
Had an amazing deep tissue massage with Jamie. She was great at listening to my concerns and identifying my trouble spots and loosening up some nasty knots. Great communication throughout the massage. I would highly recommend her!

Beyond relaxed
Another great appointment. My body and mind felt stressed when I got there. I left feeling absolutely fantastic.

Chris C

I found the ONE
I was looking for a massage therapist that would actually help fix my aches and not leave me I more pain than I came with. You can tell she has years of experience and knows what she is doing. Got ear coming this time and loved my mini cupping facial. Would highly recommend.

Lower back maintenance
As always Jamie is so intuitive she can recognize problem areas and fix them amazingly well. Looking forward to my next visit

Dick C

Great Massage
I booked last minute and I was very happy with her availability & location which was not far from my house. Jamie came highly recommended when I put out a post on a local FB group asking for local Massage Therapist recommendations. I am looking forward to booking another appointment.

Brittany E

A Good Session!
My first time with Jamie but won’t be my last. The massage was well done and I will return again!

Gary G

Improvement every visit
We’ve been dealing with a lower back issue for a while but Jamie has managed to alleviate 90% of my pain in just 2 short visits. I’m so grateful for her patience and skill. Take my advice if you’re in pain go see her now!

Dick C

Hands down the best massage therapist I’ve ever seen. Jamie personalizes every experience and makes me feel like a million bucks leaving. Highly recommend!

Breanna M

Very Helpful!
I have been seeing Jamie to help treat a chronic pain condition for sometime now. Her massages help me feel more emotionally relaxed and lessen physical pain in between her appointments and injections. Thank you so much for your help <3


Great Experience
Jamie is very professional, pleasant, thorough, and provided the best massage I’ve had. I look forward to returning for scheduled visits.

Jeff T

Jamie Gates Massage
After just one visit there was an 80% improvement of a long-standing back condition. Jamie was quick to diagnose the problem and apply the necessary massage treatment. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Jack M

Jamie is wonderful. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere is calming. Can’t wait to go back.

Stephanie F

Always feel so much better after massage, Jamie you are Amazing!!

June 13 2022

Lower back locked
I had lower back pain for some time and had tried chiropractic to no avail. Jamie was able to work the muscles and joints free and I felt immediate relief. If you haven’t made an appointment do it now! She’s the best!

Dick C

More than a massage
A hidden gem! I have had many massages by many different people and Jamie, by far, gave the best massage I’ve ever had. I told her about my problem areas and she knew exactly what my body needed. I get weekly migraines from tension that I hold in my upper back/shoulder area. My shoulders are constantly creeping up right under my ears. After she was done with just one session my posture had improved, my neck was more elongated and my shoulders were in their proper place. I didn’t even have to force it; I was naturally able to hold my upper body up. I’ve already booked my 2nd appointment for next week and I can’t wait to be able to see and feel how I continue to improve. FINALLY, I found someone that cares about helping me reach my goals. Highly recommend.

Melissa S

Mom’s Time out
A session with Jamie is always time well spent! She is very professional, and thorough and never makes me feel rushed. I am raising young kids, and appreciate the tranquil, clean, welcoming feeling of her business. I will certainly be back!
Rich P
January 23, 2022

Jennifer B

Great Massage 10 stars!
feel so great and energized after massage! Thank you Jamie! Happy Holidays!

Roxanne M

Great massage therapist
Wonderful massage therapist, highly recommend

Susan S

Probably added a year to my life!
A very good back massage, made me feel much more functional and relaxed. Very nice lady and excellent at her work. I would go back every day for a year if I could!

James T

Lower back issues
As always Jamie accommodated me with an office visit on short notice. I’m always impressed with her skill and knowledge and left feeling a whole lot better. Can’t wait until my next treatment!

Dick C

I had some wicked knots in my upper back and set up an appointment with Jamie. I left a changed person! She is a real professional.

Tom B

My back massage was amazing. Will definitely go back.

Tina D

Very Comfortable
Thank you Jamie! It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I was very impressed with your professional approach to my customized massage!

Laura L

Jamie is AMAZING! I highly recommend working with her for chronic back spasms & muscle pain.She is very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable & professional. I have been dealing with lot of stress causing back, neck & shoulder pain. Working with Jamie has helped me tremendously with range of motion. I am seeing Jamie 30- 40 mins weekly to decrease the muscle spasms. SHE IS AMAZING!

Bonnie R

Highly recommended
Always walk out feeling better! 🙂

Donald K

Very professional & overall excellent
Lower back/back

Stephanie M

Excellent body work!
Jamie is awesome.at learning what your body needs and fixing it as painlessly as possible!!

Jamin K

Jamie’s hands and treatments are working wonders on my extremely tight neck and shoulders. Using various modalities, slowly I am experiencing relief and a more relaxed neck and shoulder area. If you’re looking for a basic Swedish style “feel-good” massage, she is not the massage therapist to go to. She is a therapist, not a masseuse. She also asks good questions to get a sense of your mental being. And, Jamie is so personable. For example, she has shared good, short hikes with me (I am new to the area). I am a fan!

Julia C

Jamie is amazing. Haven’t felt this good in years

Jackie K

Massage Wizard
Jamie is not your typical “one-size fits all” massage therapist. She takes the time to really understand your issues and overall wellbeing. Some how she manages to always finds issues with my body that I didn’t even know I existed and I feel like a new women leaving her office every time! I’ve known her for a long time and she is always studying something and getting new certifications to fill her tool bag with the most cutting edge techniques. I highly recommend her to anyone and especially if your a science project.

Lindsey S

First massage at Jamie Gates wellness
Had my first massage from Jamie last week and it was everything as advertised. She finds the trouble areas and works them. Left there feeling much better. Definitely going again…

Mike C

A good choice
I’m so happy I finally decided to see Jamie. She’s been working hard to help me with chronic pain and issues post-surgery. I feel like we are on a great track towards healing and comfort. She listens to me and she is a good source information. I feel super confident in her abilities and comfortable and relaxed in her care. I would recommend her practice to anyone .

Cindi B

Great service
Jamie is very pleasant and does an amazing job with by back. I’ve been to physical therapy and a chiropractor and she’s the only one who has been able to give me relief. 100% recommend.

Justin C

Why did I wait so long to come back
Great relaxing massage on my tingly middle back

Patricia C

Day after
I feel like my concerns were clearly heard and the work Jamie did for me is still evident today. Many thanks.

Jeanne Chappell

Highly recommend
Very knowledgeable and personable. Fantastic massage! Can’t wait to go back!

Heather B

Yummy pain…
Who knew yummy pain was a thing!

Heath D

I still remember the look she gave me the first time I went in and she said”did they tell you anything about the kind of massages I give?”with a troublesome grin! Ooohhh boy… there’s no FuFu-in going on in there… when it’s over she tells me to take my time getting up…I kinda have to…I lift my head up and look like the guys from the hangover waking up in the hotel! I must look like a newborn giraffe learning to take it’s first step… she always laughs when I come out of the room… I can usually just grunt and wave, no full sentences… when I come to… all I can muster up is”When can I come back!!!” I feel like I can move so much more freely after a visit… can’t wait till the next!
Heath D

I have been incredibly happy with Jamie’s massage therapy and also her advice on supplements and stretching to help me see better results. She is amazing!

Meghan S

Amazing Massage
Always feel so much better! Thank you Jamie:)

Roxanne M

Total relaxation
I found Jamie via my daughter who purchased a gift certificate for me (she must have heard me say I wish I could get a massage monthly) anyway, I left my most recent appointment in no pain, which is something I can rarely say. I appreciate that she focuses on areas I report as most problematic. The ambiance is very calm & peaceful. She ends the massage experience with hot packs which I find very relaxing & comforting. I’m very grateful that I was able to connect & anticipate ongoing massages going into the future to keep my back tuned up so to speak. I’ve had fusions in both my cervical & lumbar spine & have some disc protrusion in my thoracic spine so I appreciate being able to get some relief in this wholesome, non pharmacological way.

Wende V

Massage with Jamie Gates
Always an Amazing Massage! Thank you Jamie!

Lower back relief
I’m constantly amazed at Jamie’s skill and professionalism while always helping to give me relief of my pain. Her ability to isolate and fix pain is uncanny and I always leave her office feeling so much better!

Dick C

Jamie is the Best!!!
I am a bit “massage apprehensive”, and I can honestly say Jamie is the first massage therapist I have ever worked with that I left already knowing I wanted to come back! She makes you feel so comfortable and is extremely talented and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!


Kerry V

Makes you feel..good!
An absolute professional that gives you your way to relax and get results.

Jorge E

Feeling Great
Jamie was very welcoming and professional. She took the time to talk with me about my body to get a better understanding of my personal needs. My body feels incredibly rejuvenated. I will definitely be back! Highly recommended

Chris C

Jamie is knowledgeable, professional, and her ability to identify and focus in on problem areas is unparalleled. Every completed session with Jamie equals pain relief and increased performance for me!

Chris B

would go again. felt very comfortable there. never did anything like that before, a lot more to it than i realized (ear coning)

Rich P

Pain relieved
She has the strength and knowledge needed to work on the areas needed effectively. I’m so glad she’s nearby.


Amazing massage!
Jamie does a great job and loosens up all the tight spots.

Ken A

I feel so much better
My back pain is gone, thanks, see you again soon

Priscilla B

Great service
I am feeling and doing so much better even after one visit..I would Highly recommend Jamie

Eileen B

Therapeutic Massage
I was looking to open up my shoulders and back so that I could get the greatest benefit from the strength training I am doing 5 days a week. In just two 30-minute sessions Jaimie accomplished this. Thanks for making a difference that lasted. Thanks!

Isis Latham

Great massage
Excellent knowledge

Patricia C

Jamie is great at working out kinks and uses the right amount of pressure that is comfortable for you. Highly recommend her!


Excellent Massage
Jamie is a body mechanic. She reads your body and provides a detailed tune-up that is unique to your needs and wonderful.

Alfred S

Jaime has done an awesome job on me. She hit the muscles that have been giving me issues for a long time. After my first visit, I could tilt my head side to side. I did the 60 minute this week. Wow! She had to get serious but it is so worth it.

Michelle C

Great massage therapist
Jamie works with each individual to identify problem areas and find the best method for correcting any problems!

Jamin K

Jamie does an amazing job

Mike P

Helped me so much my doctor is sending patients to her.
She fixed in two sessions, a problem my Dr., Chiropractor, and physical therapist couldn’t help me with

August 9 2020

The Ultimate Professional
With her strength, intelligence, wisdom, and problem solving skills Jamie is the epitome of a Therapeutic Professional!

Gail C

Been going there for years…always an excellent experience

kristen p

A wonderful experience!!!
Jamie is absolutely wonderful! I’m a tough client with a lot of different issues. However, I’m confident her extensive knowledge combined with her talent and latest techniques are going bring the relief I’ve needed for many years. She’s kind, easy going and makes you feel at ease right away. Her space is spotless and very relaxing! My next appt is booked!

Cara C

Thank you for excellent care!
I appreciate the knowledgeable, compassionate, expert care I receive with every session. I can always count on feeling amazing after a session! This is the best bodywork I have ever received and feel so fortunate that we have Jamie in our area. Thank you, Jamie!

thank you Jamie!
no heal burning since the one visit, you are Amazing!!

Roxanne M

Results driven aka amazing
Jamie is really talented in what she does, with her extensive education and experience she is able to work with your muscles and focus on what your body needs. She is very thorough. I highly recommend Jamie.

Jessica T

Very beneficial
I’ve had my share of bodywork being a competitive athlete most of my life (now over 40 years old). I really could have used Jamie earlier in my life. I would say she’s the best. She really knows what she’s doing. I’ve been feeling like the Tinman lately; needing oil. After just one visit I left feeling great. My workouts have been smoother and my range of motion is so much better. I can’t wait to go back!

Lindsey M

Truly Therapeutic
Some massages are relaxing but the next day, their effect is gone. Other therapists take the term “deep tissue” too far, in my opinion and your body is sore for days. Jamie finds just the right pressure to apply in jsut the right places. She truly individualizes the massage and, even days later, you feel the positive effects. She is a wonder.


Jamie finds “those” spots and works really effectively to loosen them up. I would recommend her.


Fantastic service
Jamie has the best ways to reduce your pain and work within your budget. Recommend her 100%

Justin C

I feel so much better after my visit with Jamie. She focused on my problem areas which was exactly what I needed. I can’t wait for my next visit 10/10 recommend!

Shannon W

Powerful deep tissue massage
I came to Jamie Gates Wellness specifically for Ashiatsu, the therapist uses the pressure of their foot to reach deep into muscle and tissue. It’s absolutely amazing! I’ve experienced this type of massage before, but Jamie’s way and knowledge was above and beyond. I leave each time worked over in the best possible way, it’s really helping to ease upper back and neck pain. I highly recommend Jamie Gates and Ashiatsu!


Back to Normal
Jamie’s deep massages have kept my arthritic back flexible and mostly pain free. She’s wonderful!

Nancy W

Lower back tune up
It never ceases to amaze me how Jamie can sense an area that is in need of treatment. She never fails to ease my lower back pain. I only wish I could visit her more often. Don’t wait make an appointment today!!

Dick C

Very knowledgeable and friendly
She is very good at what she does and is very in depth. I would recommend Jamie to anyone.

Robert T

Absolutely amazing
Jamie does an incredible job and is so driven to figure out a plan to get you feeling great! I would recommend her to anyone seeking body work that provides effective results as soon as after your first session!

Michelle D

Miracle worker
Once again Jamie has proven to be a magician. After just a couple visits my lower back issue has been cured. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering back issues!

Dick C

Excellent experience!
Jamie is an amazing massage therapist with a wealth of knowledge and certifications. One of the best massages I have had. I would definitely recommend her!

Meghan S

feel completely relaxed after my session!

May 24 2022

Undoing knots
Wow. that was amazing Jamie, thank you. I had no idea that my muscles could be so tight and taut. No wonder my back always hurts and my legs ache. Enjoyed it when you explained what you were doing and why. I should have come for your massage years ago.

Nancy W

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Attentive
Jamie has a natural gift. Her level of expertise is that of an expert. Her knowledge of the body, health, and overall wellness is profound. Jamie has a wonderful presence and her space is beautiful.

Adrianna S

excellent experience
relaxing and comfortable setting. always feel better when I leave!

March 31 2022

highly recommend
always does a great job!

December 19 2021

excellent as always
I feel much better

Priscilla B

Best Massage Ever Received!
Thank you so much Jaime, see you soon!

Roxanne M

Terrific service.
Jamie is fantastic. Her massages leave me relaxed and pain free

Jody M

Terrific service.
Jamie offers a professional, clean, knowledgeable and personable experience. If you have aches nad pains, you must try this service!


Recommended by a relative. Jamie Gates is a professional and very knowledgeable about her work. I highly recommend her services.

Vicki G

Best massage
I feel so much better!! It was as if my muscles could tell her what to do and where to go. I strongly recommend Jamie and will definitely return.

Ashlee S

Best place around!
Loved loved my experience here. Jamie is knowledgeable and takes the time to know your situation and gives back great advice. Definitely will be back regularly!

July 18 2021

I felt really good after my session with Jamie. This was my first visit and immediately after I was feeling sore but that soon went away after a few hours and doing what Jamie said to do with hydration. My next session should be much better. She is very nice. Has a pleasant and calming voice. I would recommend

June 22 2021

Amazing massage! I Highly recommend! Jamie is very knowledgeable about the overall health, healing, relaxation of the mind & body. Very professional & comfortable atmosphere. I will be returning.

Bonnie R


Michelle G

Jamie is super nice and very knowledgeable

Wendy P

I will be back!
Great space, amazing massage! This was my first experience having Jamie give me a massage. Walking in I thought I wanted a relaxing one but decided to have her work on a few areas as well. SO glad I did! It was amazing and I will definitely be back!

Rebecca N